Shopping for the Best Quadcopter Kit

An important aspect in shopping for the best quadcopter kit is value.  If you’re a beginner, you’re more likely to be reluctant to pay a ton for yourardrome-20-parrot- first quadcopter, whereas a seasoned flyer might feel comfortable paying something more.   As a beginner, the simpler the quadcopter is to fly, the better.  There’s no purpose in shopping for a high quality product if you don’t understand all the additional functions that come with it.   Firstly, opt for a quadcopter that’s easy to control and straightforward to grasp and use.   A good quadcopter for a beginner is the DJI Phantom.

The Phantom comes with many gadgets and options that make most complicated functions easy to use, while not detracting from any of the fun.  Though the Phantom isn’t the most cost effective model on the market, the in-built GPS system means you have the utmost control of the quadcopter, as any novice will tell you, you don’t want to pay top dollar for a quadcopter, only to lose it in the clouds.  As your expertise and your confidence grow, you’ll probably want to investigate into other quadcopter models that have many more advanced controls, like the return to home feature.

Another key issue to think about is how hard it is to assemble the quadcopter.  There’s nothing worse than shopping for one thing and not having the ability to use it! If you are not the hands on type of person, it may not make sense to purchase a quadcopter that comes unassembled.  Moreover, as a beginner, you’ll probably want to choose a kit that’s already assembled or a kit that has only a few directions to follow.  The bumblebee and the DJI Phantom quadcopters are excellent as they’re both able to fly straight out of the box.  As your skill levels improve, you’ll want to own an unassembled quadcopter as you will have more flexibility to add custom features.  One recommended quadcopter is the AR Drone.  This quadcopter could be a very little more trickier than the average quadcopter, it does not come with an instruction manual, therefore assembly can be quite a challenge.

The other thing to think about when shopping for a quadcopter kit, is the functions and features that come with the quadcopter. You’ll want to own a quadcopter that can easily mount a camera like the GoPro HERO 3, or another light-weight video camera.  Though there are already several quadcopters on the market that have the capability to mount a camera, you’ll need to determine what payload weight that quadcopter can carry.   A quadcopter like the AR Drone can’t carry the GoPro camera, but it does come with a 720 HD mini camera embedded in the body.

The nature of quadcopters means accidents, crashes, and breakages.  This can happen at any time.  Though there are a number of the models that are targeted towards beginners, quadcopters that are durable and sturdy; you’ll need to ask yourself whether or not the company will be reputable when your quadcopter goes down either for a replacement or spare.   Sometimes a fly by night company will guarantee stock like propellers and rotors and batteries for many years, but when you really need the parts, the company might not be around to support you.  Therefore it’s really important to validate the manufacturer’s reputation prior to your quadcopter purchase.